WisdomU Wellness Practitioners


Corinna L. Hartmann - Life Coach, NLP & Intuitive Readings

www.soul-utions.org  253-334-8404

Certified Life Coaching, Thought Pattern Managment, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Numerology, Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Soul Readings, Sound Healing Sessions. House clearings, blessings and Feng Shui Consultations for home or office.  Corinna offers the latest in fast, gentle, permanent and positive change.  Sessions can be done via phone, Skype and in the WisdomU office, it is best to schedule an appointment!

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Jennifer Anne Clavet, LMT, Herbalist & Astrologer

Call or text 860.853.0164 for an appointment.

Jennifer has been a massage therapist for 23 years. She is experienced in all types of Massage, including Prenatal Mother Massage.  As a Level 3 Reiki Practitioner, she often uses Energy Work in her sessions. A massage with Jennifer is a Soul-ful experience!  She offers Hot Stone Therapy, Raindrop Therapy, Crystal Reiki Healing and is a Certified Herbalist and Astrologer.  Jen is available for walk ins on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and also by appointment.  Jennifer has long been fascinated by astrology, and role it plays in both our global and personal lives. She started studying Astrology in a more formal setting in 2012, and began to help family and friends with chart readings. Since that time, Jennifer has continued her Astrology studies. She believes that being a student of astrology is a process that never ends, and it helps us navigate the cycles of life and make the most of opportunities that are presented to us.

Discover the Magic of Wellness with Jennifer.  

$70 for an hour, $35 for 30 minutes.  Special discount of $10 off for each new client!


Phyllis Hedge - Reiki, IET, Tarot

www.angeltalk.org 253.318.8703
Healing Energy Angel Therapy, Reiki Instruction, Healing Sessions, Integrated Energy Therapy instruction and sessions, Tarot Readings, and Destiny Cards.  Phyllis has been a practitioner for more than 15 years.  She provides insight and clarification with her own brand of  humor and wisdom.  Sessions can be done in person or via phone, email or Skype.  Please call or text for an appointment.

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Sandra L. O'Brien, MN, RN, CL, CPC, ACM

www.harbortransitions.com  253.442.9242 

Sandy approaches those living with and supporting loved ones and clients with Alzheimer’s and other Types of Dementia from a comprehensive perspective using Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Counseling, Consulting and Case Management.  Sandy has a wide variety of experience, expertise, and resources in effective care-giving practices for people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias and one that recognizes and gives considerable attention to the needs of the caregiver.  She can help you prepare for the future while living successfully in the moment.  Please call her for an appointment.

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The Spa at WisdomU

Veronica Stafford - Facials, Waxing, Eyelashes, Reiki

Call or text 360.536.5987 for an appointment.  

Spa Menu & Prices

Veronica has been a Licensed Esthetician since 2014, and involved in the Beauty Industry since 2009. She loves helping to bring her clients' inner beauty to the outside!  Her specialty services include: Head to Toe body waxing, Brow Shaping & Tinting, Luxe Eyelash Extensions, Special Occasion makeup application, Facials, & Healing Body Treatments. Upon request, facials can be infused with Reiki Energy for a truly blissful, healing experience. She is happy to provide these services in a Holistic and healing environment.   Veronica is available Wednesday through Saturday.  She also accepts walk ins between appointments.  Come an see Veronica and receive some "Beauty for the Soul".


Clients Say

Loving, Healing, Sacred

"I find myself at a loss for words to describe the energy I felt when I entered WisdomU for the first time last Saturday . . . loving, healing, peaceful, sacred . . . just BEING there I felt a deep inner resonance. It FEELS like a healing space. I encourage those of you who are local to go experience it for yourself!   A.J.D. 

Beautifully Angelic

"Monday afternoon Valerie and I had the priviledge of touring Wisdom U. It is full of healers & readers. They offer classes and have events. Plus, Wisdom U even has a gift shop full of beautiful stones and other items.  Did I mention the energy? It is beautifully angelic."   J.R.D. 

Exceptional Energy Workers

"Exceptional energy workers and lovely people to spend time. The space is warm and welcoming, the people are knowledgable, the energy is easily felt and true. Thank you for doing what you do! " C.L. 

So Much Talent

"So much talent in one place! If you need a massage or an angel message, connection or channel to your spirit guides or faerie, this is your place!   Reiki, tarot, angel oracle cards, channel your spirit guides, or get a massage with Karen for a real life muscle tune up! She's the muscle whisperer.  They have metaphysical crystals, artisan made crystal jewelry and other must haves for your altar space."  S.G.T. 

Uplifting Energy

" I went here for a Crystal Sound Healing Circle and it was such a lovely experience. I encourage all to come feel the uplifting energy of their space!"  K.P.

Nurturing Place

"A lovely space and just as lovely women. Each practitioner does beautiful work and with much love and care. A very nurturing place to come and be supported."  A.Z.

Services Include

House Clearings, Blessings


Moving into a new space?  Need old energy cleared?  Feeling stuck or trying to heal?  Want to bring great new energy into your space or balance it with some Feng Shui?  Give us a call.   We can help.

Crystal & Sound Healing


Just like tuning a musical instrument, your body can be tuned to come back into energetic balance using sound frequencies and the healing properties of crystals. 

Life Coaching, Hypnosis


Are you ready to experience positive changes in your life?  We can help you get rid of old, negative emotions and embrace new ways to experience your life through NLP, Thought Pattern Management, Past Life Regression and Thetahealing©.

Reiki Instruction and Therapy


The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means God's Wisdom or the Higher Power and Ki which is life force energy. So Reiki is actually spiritually guided life force energy. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.  

Licensed Esthetician, Certified Herbalist, Massage, Bodywork


Get beautiful and stop suffering!  We have a Licensed Esthetician and a Licensed  Massage Therapist on site.  We offer relief from pain, through Massage and Energy work.  All types of massage, including Prenatal Mother Massage, and Aromatherapy.  We also have a Certified Herbalist.  Come by and get a facial or waxing and stay for an intuitive reading!

Guided Meditation & Psychic Fundamentals


Your mind affects your body and all of your experiences. You can learn to master your mind and develop your intuitive gifts.  Everyone is intuitive, you can learn how to tap in to this divine help.  Meditation helps bring balance, rest, and a growing inner peace. 

Awaken Your Best You.